People and vehicles do not mix!

Injuries suffered by pedestrians being struck by vehicles within the workplace continue to happen as companies fail to either recognise the risk on their premises or fail to properly deal with the identified risks. In the vast majority of cases, after investigation by the HSE, it is found that  inadequate measures were in place to separate pedestrians from vehicles at the affected premises.

In particular, either the designated pedestrian walkway was unprotected and ran down a roadway used by vehicles or there is no designated walkway at all.

The HSE in unequivocal in its stance on the matter “The requirement to ensure adequate separation and segregation between pedestrians and vehicles is paramount”

It is such a basic and obvious point which is very often either missed or ignored by companies where vehicles such as fork- lift trucks or reach trucks operate and should be picked up on any basic health and safety audit. Sadly, the injuries caused in these collisions are often serious or fatal.

If you have areas either within your premises or in the yard/external areas where vehicles operate please do consider this risk and wherever possible separate vehicles and people by a physical barrier. OJ Safety provide a free health and safety auditing service which looks all the above and gives suggestions how to improve and ensure the safety of your employees and others. Contact Us or Call 01924 261789.