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The Benefits of Retained HR Services: Streamlining HR Operations and Maximising Organisational Success

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organisations face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their human resources effectively. Retained HR services offer a strategic solution by providing comprehensive HR expertise and support. By outsourcing HR functions to trusted professionals, businesses can unlock a multitude of benefits, including increased efficiency, improved compliance, enhanced talent management, and reduced costs. In this article, we will explore these advantages and highlight the reasons why retained HR services are crucial for organisational success.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Outsourcing HR functions to our retained HR services can lead to significant cost savings for businesses. Instead of hiring and maintaining an in-house HR team, which requires salaries, benefits, and ongoing training expenses, organisations can leverage the expertise of external HR professionals at a fraction of the cost. Retained HR services also bring efficiency by leveraging technology and streamlined processes, resulting in faster and more accurate HR operations, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and recruitment.

Compliance and Risk Management

Staying compliant with employment laws and regulations is a critical aspect of HR management. Retained HR services are well-versed in current labour laws and regulations, ensuring that organisations remain compliant and minimise the risk of costly legal issues. These services provide guidance on policies, procedures, and documentation, helping businesses navigate complex employment legislation. By proactively addressing compliance issues, organisations can avoid penalties, fines, and reputational damage.

Talent Acquisition and Management

Attracting and retaining top talent is vital for organisational growth and success. Retained HR services offer expertise in talent acquisition and management, including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and employee development. These services help businesses streamline their hiring processes, identify the right candidates, and create effective talent development strategies. By ensuring that the right people are in the right roles, organisations can optimise productivity, boost employee engagement, and foster a positive work culture.

Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution

Maintaining positive employee relations is crucial for a harmonious work environment. Retained HR services play a pivotal role in fostering healthy relationships between employees and the organisation. They provide guidance on employee relations issues, conflict resolution, and mediation, ensuring fair and consistent treatment. By addressing and resolving conflicts promptly and effectively, these services help create a positive workplace atmosphere, improve morale, and reduce turnover.

Strategic HR Consulting

OJ Safetys Retained HR services offer strategic consulting to align HR practices with overall business objectives. These services assist in developing HR strategies, succession planning, organisational development, and change management. By providing insights and recommendations based on industry best practices and data analysis, retained HR services help organisations make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement. Strategic HR consulting enables businesses to adapt to changing market conditions, foster innovation, and maintain a competitive edge.

In summary, retained HR services provide a range of benefits, including cost savings, enhanced compliance, improved talent management, and strategic guidance. By outsourcing HR functions to experts in the field, organisations can optimise their HR operations, minimise risks, attract and retain top talent, and focus on core business objectives. To leverage these advantages, businesses should consider partnering with reputable retained HR service providers who understand their unique needs and can customise solutions accordingly.

3 easy ways to manage your HR with us


Monthly Payment

All of the below is included:

• Competent HR Advisors
• Full Contract of Employment
• Full Company Handbook
• Access to hundreds HR templates
• 24 hour Telephone Advice
• 1&3 Year Agreements



One Off Payment

All of the below is included:

• Competent HR Advisors
• Full Contract of Employment
• Full Company Handbook
• Access to hundreds HR templates
• 24 hour Telephone Advice
• 1&3 Year Agreements



Bespoke Packages

Tailed to your business with the option consultancy and site-based packages.

• Competent HR Advisors
• Full Contract of Employment
• Full Company Handbook
• Access to hundreds HR templates
• 24 hour Telephone Advice
• 1&3 Year Agreements

Retained HR Services

At OJ, we pride ourselves on ensuring a consistent, professional, and most importantly personal service. All of our work is fully certified and fully insured by qualified HR experts. Our advisors are members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

Our knowledgeable and Highly Qualified HR experts have a good understanding of employment law. Whether you need general HR support with employment handbooks, contracts of employment, managing disciplinaries, or any human resource issue we can help. Our HR service can help you avoid employment tribunals and a potentially damaged reputation whilst allowing you to concentrate on your daily business commitments.

Our HR Consultancy service includes:

Access to a fully compliant, competent HR Consultant

  • Personalised HR Service including:
    • Advisory Service
    • Policy Development
    • Training Management
    • Employment Handbook Development
    • Contracts of Employment
    • Disciplinary Meetings
    • Letter Writing
  • Discount on Health and Safety packages
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Professional and reliable HR support for small businesses

Company Handbooks and contracts of employment can easily become illegal single legislation change. You will need to constantly review these changes and proofread your company’s human resources documentation.

Or, let OJ HR support services do it for you.

Our team of experts have many years’ HR & employment law experience. We produce hundreds of contracts, handbooks, and policies every year. We will

We have experience with every problem you as an employer may face, and we have experience in many different industries.

Let our qualified experts take care of your HR so you can run your business, after all, that’s what you do best. Call OJ today on 0800 634 9 247.