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The OJ Health and Safety expert team guarantee you a friendly, personal and professional health and safety service every time. All of our advisors are fully certified professionals in their fields.

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OJ Health & Safety Training & Consultancy

OJ was established in 2007. The sole aim of the business was to bring an uncomplicated solution to companies requiring a practical and honest safety partner, allowing companies to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business.

At OJ Safety, HR and Training Consultancy in Ossett, West Yorkshire, we pride ourselves on letting our customers know as much about us as possible, making you feel like part of the team.

3 Easy Steps To Safety


Call OJ Health and Safety on 0800 6349 247 to assess our trained Health and Safety experts.


Receive a free Health and Safety Audit and Action Plan from the OJ Health and Safety Team.


Become a retained OJ H&S client and receive a discount on all Health and Safety services.

Do You Need Help With Your Health & Safety?

As an employer, you must have someone in place who is competent to help you meet your health and safety responsibilities. It’s not always essential for the internal safety manager to have formal qualifications and they’re not required by law to have formal training, but they do need help and support in achieving compliance. The competent person could be:

One Or More Of Your Workers
OJ H&S Consultancy

Our role as an external health and safety consultant is to provide the framework and support so that you can manage health and safety internally. Health and Safety doesn’t have to be complicated, you know your own workplace and the risks associated with your business. You can achieve compliance with our help and support.

If your business is large, complex or high-risk then we can provide enhanced levels of support from auditing, surveying, training and even writing Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work.

Whatever your requirements are, we will support you.

Better Manage Your business’s Health and Safety with OJ.

We will help you to understand how best to:-

  • Implement effective safety management across the business.
  • Put systems in place to control risks.
  • Check and maintain effective controls.
  • Establish what your health and safety training needs are.

From an initial free health and safety audit, we will determine what needs to be done to ensure compliance.

We will then work with you to achieve that level of compliance either through supporting resources you already have in place or by carrying out the work ourselves.

All our consultants are competent, qualified and fully insured.

What You Can Expect From OJ Health & Safety Consultancy?

As an employer, you can be sure that our safety adviser is competent and experienced. It’s not uncommon for employers to spend a lot for health & safety advice that doesn’t help them comply with the law.

OJ Safety has relevant training and knowledge, such as formal qualifications or practical experience of providing advice in your industry or area of work, and are fully insured.

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