H&S Service Please!

The HSE has recently conducted a survey of the role of Health and safety Consultants and the service they provide to small and medium size companies within the UK.

The regulator is concerned that – in the eyes of the public and possibly some politicians – both it and the UK regulatory framework could become identified with business-on-business burdens that originate elsewhere.

When dutyholders were asked about health and safety advice from third party consultants, the survey found that only 45% of consultants visited the client’s business site as part of their service.

In addition, only 52% of consultants provided a handover to explain what the dutyholder needed to do next.

The report says: “These two figures raise potential red flags to HSE about the quality of the service being delivered.”

Drawing on interviews with HSE and local authority inspector, the report warns that “market leading consultancy services were repeatedly cited as delivering poor quality generic advice that delivered ‘under compliance’ for the duty holder and failed to address key risks.

“This advice tended to include the supply of large ‘glossy’ folders of blank risk assessment templates, the provision of irrelevant advice and no effective hand-over for the dutyholder”.

It is an important feature of our service here at O J Health and safety Solutions Limited that we provide a site audit, where requested, to all new clients which results in a Health and Safety Action Plan. We also offer enhanced services to help clients make the changes they need to make including writing Risk Assessments and safe systems of work and any health and safety training which is required.