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DSE Assessments

Welcome to our comprehensive DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment service, designed to ensure the well-being and productivity of your employees. In today’s digital age, where the majority of work involves using computers, laptops, and other electronic devices, the importance of maintaining a comfortable and ergonomic workspace cannot be understated. Our expert DSE assessments are here to help you create a safer and more efficient work environment that benefits both your employees and your business.

Why Choose Our DSE Assessment Service?

Our DSE assessment service goes beyond regulatory compliance. While it is important to meet legal requirements, we believe that a truly effective assessment understands the unique needs of your employees and tailors solutions to enhance their comfort and performance.

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Comprehensive Evaluation for Optimal Results

Our DSE assessments cover a wide range of factors that contribute to a healthy and productive workstation. Here’s what our service includes:

  1. Workstation Setup: Our experienced professionals will evaluate the layout of workstations, ensuring that chairs, desks, and monitors are properly aligned to promote optimal posture.
  2. Monitor Placement: Incorrect monitor positioning can lead to neck strain and eye discomfort. We analyse the height, angle, and distance of monitors to reduce the risk of such issues.
  3. Keyboard and Mouse Ergonomics: The placement of keyboards and mice significantly impacts wrist and hand health. We assess their positioning to prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  4. Chair Adjustments: Chairs that are not properly adjusted can cause lower back pain and discomfort. We ensure that chairs are adjustable to suit each employee’s body type and requirements.

5. Lighting and Glare Control: Adequate lighting and proper glare control are crucial to reducing eye strain. Our assessments include recommendations for optimising lighting conditions.

6. Accessories and Tools: We evaluate the need for ergonomic accessories such as keyboard trays, footrests, and document holders. This ensures that employees have the tools they need for maximum comfort.

Employee-Centric Approach

Our service places employees at the centre. We believe that the best way to ensure a successful DSE assessment is to involve the employees themselves. We encourage them to share their feedback, discomfort, and concerns, allowing us to customise the assessment to their specific needs.

Benefits of Our DSE Assessment Service

  1. Health and Well-being: A well-designed workstation can prevent discomfort, strain, and musculoskeletal issues. By investing in our DSE assessment service, you’re investing in the health and well-being of your employees.
  2. Productivity Boost: Employees who are comfortable and free from discomfort are more focused and productive. Enhanced productivity directly contributes to your company’s success.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Our assessments ensure that you comply with legal requirements related to DSE regulations. Avoid penalties and demonstrate your commitment to employee health and safety.
  4. Employee Engagement: Showing that you care about your employees’ well-being creates a positive work culture. This leads to increased job satisfaction and higher retention rates.
  5. Cost Savings: By preventing injuries and discomfort, you reduce the likelihood of absenteeism, medical expenses, and potential legal claims related to workplace health issues.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation: We start by understanding your organisation’s specific needs and challenges. This consultation helps us tailor our assessment approach to your company’s unique environment.
  2. On-Site Assessment: Our experts conduct thorough on-site evaluations, analysing each workstation for ergonomic deficiencies. We take measurements, evaluate equipment, and engage with employees.
  3. Customised Solutions: Based on the assessment findings, we develop personalised recommendations to address ergonomic issues. These solutions are practical and aimed at immediate implementation.
  4. Employee Training: We provide training to employees on ergonomic best practices. This empowers them to make small adjustments to their workspace and maintain a comfortable environment.
  5. Ongoing Support: We don’t just stop at assessments. We offer ongoing support and follow-up to ensure that the recommended changes are effectively implemented and employees experience the benefits.

Invest in Your Employees’ Well-being

Creating a comfortable and ergonomic workspace is an investment that yields both short-term and long-term benefits. Our DSE assessment service is a step toward prioritising your employees’ health and productivity. Contact us today to schedule an assessment and take a proactive approach to workplace well-being. Together, we can build a healthier, happier, and more successful workplace.


3 easy ways to manage your health & safety with us


Monthly Payment

All of the below is included:

• Competent H&S Advisors
• Full Online Safety Management Systems
• Discounted training
• Large range of online courses
• Help with SSIP Accreditations
• 24 hour telephone advice
• 1&3 year agreements



One Off Payment

All of the below is included:

• Competent H&S Advisors
• Full Online Safety Management Systems
• Discounted training
• Large range of online courses
• Help with SSIP Accreditations
• 24-hour telephone advice
• 1&3 year agreements

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Bespoke Packages

Tailed to your business with the option of consultancy and training packages.

• Competent H&S Advisors
• Full Online Safety Management Systems
• Discounted Training
• Large Range of online courses
• Help with SSIP Accreditations
• 24 hour telephone advice
• 1&3 Year Agreements