Extreme Temperatures in the Workplace

It’s that dreary time of the year once again. The short days and cold weather aren’t going anywhere for the next 4 months, making us realise how much we miss those long, warm summer days. Have you ever thought about how this cold weather can affect both your team and the environment they are working in such as the office?

Workplace Temperature

The HSE has an approved code of practise which suggests to us as employers that in the workplace the minimum should usually be at least 16 degrees Celsius. If the work however involves vigorous activity, then the temperature should be a minimum of 13 degrees Celsius. One thing to note is that these temperatures are not a legal requirement, however the employer does have a duty to determine what particular comfort will be in certain circumstances. One of the main things to consider when deciding on minimum appropriate working conditions is your employees, especially what effect this could have on your teams productivity etc.

What effects can it have on your employees?

Working in cool temperatures can massively have an effect on an employees performance. One thing to consider is your teams morale and productivity. Performance also has the potential to suffer greatly if staff are uncomfortable in their working environments. Issues such as being cold can bring everyone’s productivity levels down due to them concentrating on trying to stay warm, rather than focusing on the task in hand.

What can I as an employer do to ensure my team is comfortable?

So at the moment we all worry about our utility bills, especially with the current prices of gas and electric. So here are a few things we can do or ask ourselves to make sure our employees are comfortable when in the office:

  • Keep the heating on during working hours
  • Consult all employees regarding winter working such as winter working arrangements etc.
  • Could your business introduce a working from home policy?
  • Does the workplace have hot drink making facilities?
  • Could the office dress code be relaxed?
  • Does the office have blinds or curtains to keep the heat in?
  • Could we use electric heaters instead?

Need HR Support?

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