Health and Safety Services

As a provider of Health and Safety Services for a number of years, we have found that Health and Safety in the workplace is something every business owner, employer, manager and employee is aware of, at least as a concept. But can you confidently claim that everyone in your business fully understands what Health and Safety is and what their responsibilities are?

Health and Safety Services

Because of the scope of what Health and Safety encompasses, it can appear a little daunting. Everything from legal requirements, fire safety, first aid, manual handling, provision of welfare facilities and reporting all need to be considered and implemented. Once understood and implemented, the Health and Safety provision in the workplace can be described as the safe culture in which a workplace operates.

Within our role as a Health and Safety Services provider we can support your business in the creation your own bespoke Health and Safety policy and work alongside you in order to successfully implement this. We would start with an initial consultation and risk assessment in order to support your business in the following areas.

Health and Safety Legislation

Providing, completing and displaying relevant posters and notices within the workplace and ensuring correct reporting and monitoring procedures are in place.

Risk Assessment

Assisting you to identify risk, complete robust Risk Assessments and regularly review and update where necessary.

Provision of Welfare Facilities

Secure areas for belongings, areas to eat and rest, drinking water and handwashing facilities are some of the many provisions that may be appropriate for a business to provide for their employees.

First Aid

The amount and type of first aid provision best suited to your business.

Manual Handling

Helping to reduce the risk of injury when moving objects of any size through reducing distances and loads or providing equipment.

Fire Safety

Identifying fire risk and providing the appropriate number and type of fire extinguishers for your business.

Training and Support

Providing the required amount and type of training for your business. Helping to communicate and deliver the company Health and Safety Policy to all stakeholders in the business.

Our approach to Health and Safety services will support your business provide a robust Health and Safety Policy and working culture. Once implemented we can offer training services around any aspect of the business including, but not exhaustively;

We can provide online, classroom or work based training depending upon what is the most suitable.

Our Health and Safety services also include;

Once implemented our Health and Safety services are available all year round. Monitoring and adjustment can be provided at any time and the bespoke framework we provide will allow your Health and Safety provision to grow with your business. We can help develop and maintain all certifications, procedures, and legal requirements and recommend refresher training or additional skills training within regulated guidelines and timescales.

By providing complete and bespoke Health and Safety Services we can assist your business and all employees to develop a Health and Safety culture that will facilitate a safer working environment for all employees and increased management confidence in the Health and Safety infrastructure required by law.

In order to benefit from our Health and Safety services all you need to do is contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements. We can liaise with you in order to fully understand your business needs and arrange a consultation, regardless of the size of your business.

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