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Covid-19 Downloadable Documents

Over the last few weeks we have been completing risk assessments and site procedures for our clients to ensure their safety with regarding to coronavirus, on an individual basis. We have now developed a risk assessment, site operating procedures and a home working procedure which can be downloaded below. These are also available in word completely free of charge via our request form.

We have also developed a video tool box talk which can be sent to your employees electronic (or watched on Youtube). This details the controls required for safely operating during this pandemic. This also allows employees to email saying they have watched the video which can be recorded on the employee files.

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Coronavirus Tool Box Talk (May 2020)

Because you are watching this video means you are probably working on a building site or within a business in the UK during the on-going pandemic

The purpose of this video is to keep you safe and to protect those around you, co-workers, family and friends from contracting the virus

You will be kept up to date either by the site or by your employer on the latest Government advice regarding the Corona Virus

You should heed this advice at all times

You should endeavor to remain at a distance of 2 metres of someone else at all times. This includes when using welfare facilities and canteen facilities as well as in the workplace. If for some reason it is not always possible to keep this 2 metre distance then you should be wearing a face mask and nitrile or other disposable gloves at all times.  Try not to touch your face whilst at work as this is where the routes of entry for the virus are.

The symptoms of this virus are a dry and consistent cough, a temperature or fever, tiredness and general flu-like symptoms

If you have or develop these whilst at work you should self- isolate immediately and follow the NHS advice in respect of self-isolation. If someone in your household has these symptoms you should also self-isolate

You should travel to and from work separately if you travel by vehicle. Otherwise keep social distancing at the forefront of your mind and keep the 2 metre rule. If you are using public transport then you should also be wearing a face mask and disposable gloves during your journey

Remember that surfaces may carry the virus and be careful when removing PPE and place it straight into a bin.

Hand washing is a very important weapon in the fight against the Corona virus. You should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and then rinse with water. Hands should be dried on a paper towel which is then disposed of.

Detailed hand-washing instructions can be found on-site.

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