Why is Health & Safety Training important?

Health and safety training is a huge priority in our workplaces. Well over 200 people are killed each year in accidents at their workplace. Well in excess of 1.5 million suffer illnesses caused by or made worse by their work. So preventing accidents and ill health should be at the top of our priority within our businesses. As an employer you must ensure that everyone who is carrying out work for you is competent and also trained in doing so.

 What do we mean by the word Training?

Training is very important, especially to ensure that people are taught how to do something, while also educating them on what shouldn’t be done and why. A prime example of this how not to lift an object, lift with your knee’s and not your back!

Training can be given in all sorts of different methods, these include the following:

  • Classroom/Face To Face
  • Virtually/Through an online platform such as video tile
  • Practically

In a number of industries there is a lot of concern about the competence of people. This therefore makes it very difficult for people to get jobs, especially when they are newly training/qualified persons.

Even once employees are trained on what they are doing within their job roles, it’s always good practise to upskill workers. This in-turn gives persons a much better understanding of what they are doing while also understanding what can happen if they don’t complete the task in the way they have been taught. It helps you as an employer to upskill your employees hugely as well, you’ll find employees become more motivated, remain loyal and are committed to the job they are doing when they receive this upskilling from their employer. This in turn motivates employees to give back to the company they are working for as it’s showing that employers believe in their staff.

We’ve all heard the letters CPD, what does it mean?

CPD is an abbreviation most used by management, CPD means Continuous Professional Development. This a way in which we are continuously developing our employees. CPD is most commonly referred to when we are have appraisals with employees to discuss how they feel their skills both personally and professionally could be developed. CPD could be anything from shadowing people in management so an employee can progress up in the company, or alternatively it could be completing a professional qualification such as becoming a First Aid Instructor to deliver First Aid courses to the rest of the company.


Is your business in need of Health & Safety Training? Well, OJ Safety are on hand to help. We can deliver bespoke training courses to your employees as well as courses such as manual handling, Asbestos Awareness, Working at height, and much more. We offer courses both classroom based including coming to your business premises, and also online as well! If your business could benefit from this, then why not get in touch with OJ Safety today.

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