Employee Recognition and Engagement

Employee engagement has a huge impact on how successful a business is. If your employees are engaged they should show higher productivity than others, more committed to the company and show signs wanting to stay with the company for a long duration. An engaged employee is also allot more likely to go above and beyond for the business because they enjoy their work as well as the person they work for.

How to show employees we care?

There are many ways we can show employees that we care, below is a list of the key ways in which we can do so:

ASK for more feedback

As an employer you always try and ask for feedback on how the workplace can be improved. The most common thing with this though is employers ask for feedback and just ignore it. You wouldn’t ignore a potential new client, so why ignore your employees feedback! However, if employers take on board the feedback they get to make improvements and then put them into effect. This hugely influences how employees feel and has a huge effect on the work they carry out such as higher quality, increased productivity, and much more.

Could your business make improvements, why not carry out a survey to find out how your employees feel it could be improved? It could be as little as having an employee of the month award to show recognition of hard work, this however doesn’t have to go to the person who’s bought the most money in!

Conduct better appraisals/1-1’s

1-1 meetings help employees feel valued in the workplace and receive feedback on the work they are doing. It also gives them a chance to discuss their work, life, and any potential career development with their manager. It allows them to feel seen and heard, it’s proven it helps build a trusted relationship between manager and employee.

The main one that happens is managers promise regular 1-1’s but it never happens. A good manager is someone who frequently sits down with employees and discusses work life, home life and any potential career progression opportunities. Remember, managers are there to help you progress and also don’t be afraid to raise any issues you may have as employees!

Increased recognition of employees

Employee recognition can provide motivation  towards the work they are doing. If an employer celebrates their contributions, hard work and achievements it has a huge impact on how the employee feels. When they feel cared for it’s proven they’ll go the extra mile in return.

Employee recognition can be shown in several different forms such as verbal, written feedback, awards, bonuses, and public acknowledgement. The most common one though is bonuses or awards such as employee of the month. With employee of the month all employee’s of the month for that year are put in a prize draw to win a bonus such as a £500 bonus etc.

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