Is Damp in properties an issue?

Damp in properties can be a serious issue, especially when it’s left untreated. Did you know at least 1 in 4 houses suffer from damp and mould problems?

Damp can easily be rectified if you spot the early signs, the most common cause of damp and mould issues in properties starts from window condensation not being correctly treated. Window condensation is caused when there is either too much moisture inside the property or when the moisture in the air deposits itself on colder surfaces such as windows and windowsills. Condensation is basically a posh word for water droplets!


What can I do to reduce condensation in my property?

To reduce condensation in a property there are a few things which you can do, with the first being maintaining a steady temperature inside the property. In short when you feel the temperature getting too low and condensation starts to form you could set your thermostat to a minimum temperature to reduce this. The ideal temperature is about 16 degrees.

Another way you can reduce condensation in your property is by purchasing a dehumidifier. What these do is take moisture out the air, very useful if your dry clothes in the property on a regular basis. People think that these use a lot of electricity, but in actual fact they don’t. Most dehumidifiers cost the same to run as a TV, the latest ones cost around £2.50 a day to run whereas the much larger ones cost around £6 per day.

A final way in which you can combat the issue is by purchasing a window vac, this is basically a vacuum used to such the water off windows when condensation is formed. All windows will get condensation if there is enough moisture so this is a good way to clear up the condensation instead of using a cloth to do so.

If you don’t do something about the issue with condensation this is where mould and mildew form within the property. This in turn can lead to major damp issues and also lead to timber rot.

Illnesses caused by damp

Mould arising from damp issues in properties can cause several different health problems. These consist of the following:

  • Respiratory symptoms
  • Respiratory infections
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Asthma

These are the main issues that can arise from the present of mould, however it can effect certain people in different ways as some people are more sensitive than others. Some groups of people are especially more vulnerable such as children and also the elderly due to them having a weak immune system.

With this in mind, if you think your property is suffering from Damp issues the team at OJ Health and Safety Solutions are on hand to help you. We offer Damp & Timber Surveys which are undertaken by PCA Approved Surveyors. With this survey you will receive what sort of presence of damp is in your property, as well as any presence of rot such as dry rot and wet rot in the wooden materials used in the property. Lastly, you’ll receive a report on what you can do to resolve the issue! Why not get in touch with OJ today to discuss you Damp & Timber Survey.

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