OJ Health and Safety Case Study

OJ Safety Providing Factory Floor Manual Handling Training

There is a legal requirement to provide employees with manual handling training where the company engages with any manual handling risk. This can be difficult in a workforce which is involved in a production process driven by targets and where it is difficult to disrupt the production process for classroom training and the online training option would not work because of the lack of time, facilities or staff engagement.

Head of Training at O J Safety, Andy Mathery, has created a new option which is sympathetic to the needs of businesses. He has written and developed a Manual Handling Briefing/tool box talk which can be delivered on the shop floor to staff, gathered together in groups or in a plenary. Shown below is Andy delivering the Manual handling briefing at a local factory to the gathered production staff. Translation was provided to those workers who did not have English as a first language, and the course was tailored specifically to the needs of the business and related directly to the daily tasks performed by the staff.

Manual Handling

The course was delivered in a natural break in production and had no adverse effect on output.

The course was internally certified and used as proof of ongoing Manual Handling Training, re-enforcing more formal training delivered by the company on induction.

The cost of delivering the briefing worked out at £10 per employee thus providing excellent value for money.

If you would like to enquire about Manual Handling Training at your business, or any other training including First Aid, Working at Height, Asbestos Awareness or any other workplace health and safety training please contact O J Health and Safety Solutions on 01924 261789.

Courses can be written to your specifications and according to the risks faced by your employees.