Are You “The Tiger King”

I’ve been watching the Netflix series ‘The Tiger King’ whilst this period of lockdown has been on. Fascinating watching. Carol Baskin V Joe Exotic. I got to thinking about how they are around risk.

Some things in the program were obvious. People who live with tigers get bitten. Some people are more careful than others. They stick them in a pen or even a cage. They feed them remotely and keep well clear. Others go right in and pet them, roll around on the floor with them, and eventually get bitten. Tigers are un-tameable wild animals and cannot be emotionally connected, despite the illusion sometimes that they can. You can get out with a scratch or you may lose a limb. Worst case the tiger kills you. When tigers are cubs its fine, they are like cute pets. They won’t eat you. But there is a time when that changes. There is a point at which they will attack you. The bond you thought you had, the relationship you believed that you had built- up is just an illusion. Its something in your head, not the tigers. So why do some people play with tigers? Why do some people play with risk. Well it has to be something about that person, not the tiger. The reality is that if you play with tigers, they will eventually attack you. Carol Baskin knows that. She keeps her distance. She has a healthy respect for them and keeps the fence between her and them. Joe Exotic does not, he gets right in there with them and occasionally when they turn on him, he shoots them. That’s the only way to deal with them in that moment. They found all the bodies buried in his compound.

Risk is exactly like the tiger. It is dangerous and If you play with big risk you will eventually get bitten by it. Please take time to think about the risk you invite to be around you and ask yourself some questions whilst we are taking a break. Should I really have this tiger around me. If I really have to then should I put it in a cage and keep well clear of it. High risk can kill you in a moment. Risk doesn’t have a conscience and it is not selective.

Martin Blythe,


OJ Health and Safety Solutions Ltd