Why Should We Train Our Staff in First Aid?

After the last traumatic year where all face-to-face training suffered we need to take stock of what training has been missed.  Not just to get through this years CHAS or Safe Contractor but also to ensure we have the necessary skills and knowledge in place. So should we train our staff in First Aid? Here are ten good reasons to carry out First Aid Training. 


Reason One – First aid saves lives

Basic first aid can mean the difference between life and death. A Red Cross survey showed a staggering 59% of deaths from injuries would have been preventable had first aid been given before the emergency services arrived.


Reason Two – First aid reduces recovery time

First aid can have a huge impact on someone’s chances of recovery, and can mean the difference between them having a short term or more permanent disability.


Reason Three – First aid reduces hospital time

Early intervention with first aid can reduce the length of time the patient needs to stays in hospital.


Reason Four – First aid prevents medical situations deteriorating

Knowing the basics of first aid can prevent a bad situation from getting worse. Consider a patient who is bleeding from a deep cut. Without intervention, the patient could suffer severe blood loss. By applying pressure using simple first aid techniques, you can prevent a medical emergency from rapidly deteriorating and stabilise the patient until further medical help arrives.


Reason Five – First aid can reduce unnecessary visits to hospital

Not every accident ends up in hospital but still needs medical attention. Some injuries such as a bumped head, bruised knee or sprained ankle can be better managed with the correct procedure such as competent bandaging, rest or swelling reduction with a wrapped ice pack. First aid training also teaches you to prioritise injuries, giving the most seriously injured or ill the very best chance.


Reason Six – Competent first aid can reduce the amount of pain experienced by casualties

Knowing how to respond helps you stay calm in an emergency situation. Staying calm allows you to provide emotional support to the patient and help prevent them from panicking – which can often be a very effective form of pain relief. In addition, knowing how to physically move someone in pain, support their injuries and administer appropriate bandaging and dressings can also greatly reduce the amount of pain they experience.


Reason Seven – Crucial communication for the emergency services

Staying with the patient until the emergency services arrive to take over means you can convey vital information about how the patient sustained the injury or information about their condition. This information is vital to the emergency services for the effective treatment of the patient and can also aid the patient’s treatment and recovery.


 Reason Eight – First aid increases awareness and reduces your susceptibility to accidents

 Learning first aid and becoming alert to potential hazards and medical issues increases our health awareness and allows us to take better care of ourselves, our friends and families. It creates resilient communities and relieves pressure on the NHS.


Reason Nine – First aid makes you feel empowered

Learning first aid will give you the confidence to act appropriately when an accident occurs. It is vitally important to deal with any life-saving injuries before reaching for the phone to call for an ambulance.

It is also very useful to know when and if to move someone following an accident and when they should be kept still.


Reason Ten – Be prepared for anything

None of us know what the future has in store for us or for our loved ones. Sudden illness such as heart attack, stroke, severe bleeding and breathing difficulties require immediate attention. Which after a course, you will be well equipped to provide. First aid also equips you to deal with bleeding, burns, breathlessness, bites, shocks stings, splints and fainting. So, whatever medical situation life throws at you, you can respond effectively.


I think these explain exactly why we should train our staff in First Aid.  Book your first aid training now via and don’t forget your client discount!!