Wellbeing Policies, and Why we Need Them

Having a wellbeing policy as an employer benefit you in several different ways, with the main reason being that it shows employees that you care about them both in and outside of work. The main aspects of a wellbeing policy is explaining your approach as an employer towards employees and what you are doing to help support them.

Why should I create a wellbeing policy?

Creating a wellbeing policy benefits both parties, mainly from showing employees that they are cared for within the workplace. These types of policies are becoming very popular now, especially with the rise of mental ill health within the workplace and the new 4-day working week being trialled in a number of businesses.

What could I include in a wellbeing policy?

Within a wellbeing policy there are many different things you could include. The most common point to include right at the beginning is a statement by the Managing Director of the company which could be the mistake they made and how it affected them such as family issues, friendships, or even mental ill health etc.

After this, you should include what you don’t want your employees to do. Here are some examples:

  • Prioritise work over family/friends
  • Cancel social events due to working late
  • Work late into evening
  • Answer work emails/calls during family/friend’s time

Examples for what they should do could be:

  • Participate fully
  • Be part of the team
  • Contribute any idea’s or area’s for improvement
  • Take annual leave when you feel it necessary
  • Talk to your line manager if you have an issue such as mental health etc
  • Strive to progress within your role

What do we need to remember as employers?

As employers we need to remember that we have a legal duty of care for our employees, especially when it comes to their wellbeing. Just remember, if one of our employees must go of work on sick leave due to not being supported in the correct way this will cost the business due to having to pass their work onto someone else.

The difference between an average employer and an excellent one is someone who goes above and beyond to ensure employees are happy within the workplace!

It’s the worst when you wake up in the morning dreading going to work!

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