The Benefits of a Competent Retained Safety Partner

A competent safety partner should support and assist you, not hinder or hold you back. The days of stubborn and up-tight H&S advisors are in the past. A competent retained safety partner should always be willing to listen and provide intelligent insights into the world of health and safety. The best retained safety partners help you achieve the potential of every project you undertake.

What can a Retained Safety Partner offer me?

A collaboration with the right safety partner can help you achieve the full potential of your projects. Here’s how. The right safety partner ensures that the safety of every employee and facility is maintained, as well as instilling health and safety in every stage of a project. As a result, you are not at risk of any possible fines or prosecutions. Furthermore, you will also have access to quality health and safety advice whenever you need it. This means that you will be able to discuss any queries you may have.

Additionally, your employees will feel safe in their workplace, whether its in a classroom or on a construction site. A safe workplace is a much happier workplace, as employees don’t need to worry about their own personal safety. Studies have shown that a happier workforce creates a more productive and efficient culture in the workplace.

A competent Retained Health and Safety partner advising employees

Why should you choose OJ Safety?

Well, there are many safety partners out there, so what makes us different? Our clients know that they are in safe hands, and our unrivalled service means that all of their safety needs are met. Our advisors are all qualified with a wealth of experience and knowledge, ready to help whenever you need them.

Our retained packages also offer you discounts on training as well as a large range of online courses. Help with SSIP accreditation is also included in our package free of charge. This is in addition to 24-hour telephone advice, so all of your questions can be answered if and when you have them.

Retained Health and Safety partner OJ Safety

Most importantly, you should choose OJ Safety as your retained safety partner if you don’t want to worry about anything relating to health and safety again. We keep up-to-date with all of the new regulatory changes so that you don’t have to, and we ensure that you are compliant with every legislative update.

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