Recreational Drugs and Work

There are many issues in society today with regard to the availability and use of psychoactive substances, some of which even dance around the edge of legality. There are also the changing attitudes to, and widespread use of, cannabis together with pressure from various groups to legalise THC. It is difficult sometimes for young people to understand their moral and legal position in respect using recreational drugs and how it might affect them at work. We have all walked past building sites or outside places of work and smelt cannabis being smoked. I often wonder if the person smoking even knows it is still a criminal offence to possess and use it.

The fact remains that it is still illegal, as are many recreational drugs, and up and down the Country many young people are failing drug tests at work every day and thus throwing away their income, job and future prospects. It is a difficult dilemma for all employers and especially those who carry out random drug testing. Some of their brightest and best talents are being caught up in this situation.

The start of the relationship with the young person is key. On induction it needs to be spelled out to them in no uncertain terms what the policy with regards to the use of drugs/drug testing procedures are and what the consequences of failing such a test are. This then needs to be re-enforced regularly so that the young person is in no doubt of what they risk if they choose to take these substances.

Education is clearly the key here and whilst it cannot stop someone who wants to use recreational drugs it will give them the information to make an informed decision in respect of their relationship with these substances and work. If you want any advice on the above topic don’t hesitate to contact us.