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As any business grows it often comes to the point where you wish to tender for work or to get yourself onto the procurement/approved contractor list of a big company and they require you fill in a pre-qualification questionnaire. This can be an onerous document which requires specific evidence to prove that your company has the required standard in lots of different areas including health and safety. Questions can range from your health and safety policy to risk assessments, training, qualifications, auditing lots of different areas that you have little experience in. Very often it seems that Pre-Qualification Questionnaires are designed to even put you off starting the process.

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OJ Health and Safety Solutions Limited have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. We have supported and assisted hundreds of our clients and guided them through this process. We understand what documentation is required and how it should be presented. If there are gaps in your companies’ response to health and safety and you fall short of the standard required by the particular Pre-Qualification Questionnaire then don’t worry. We can help you to identify these areas and put the necessary procedure, training or paperwork in place to enable you to reach the required standard.

We are not phased by the technical language or complexity of it. We are quite used to de-mystifying this process over the years. We will always be there to support you

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