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The new O J Safety ‘Health and Safety Cloud Management System’

There are many cloud management systems in operation Nationally, available through many of our competitors. Our experience with these systems has led us to believe that in many cases they are cumbersome, over-complicated and expensive. This has led us to putting our resources into developing our own system over the last 12 months. We believe that our system, as described below, is streamlined, effective and quick to use. The system has recently gone live and more elements are planned in the near future. Our Health and safety management system contains the following content, all available to O J Safety retained clients.

Health and Safety Policy

The new system will allow you to build and develop your safety policy by ticking the relevant subjects and work areas of your business. This will then be stored on the system and easily downloaded as and when required. This will mean that the Policy is specific to your business and will not contain items which are not relevant, the main criticism of many generic policies.

Training Management Matrix

With our training management system you will be able manage all the employee training records relevant to your business. It is literally as simple as entering their names, then entering their training by ticking (already generated by business type) the type of training, entering dates and uploading the certificate. The system will then auto generate a training matrix for all employees which will be shown on your dashboard. This will be colour coded to show that training which is in date and that which requires re-qualification or refreshing. This also automatically generates a warning email to the account manager when the training is due to expire.

Risk Assessment Generator

Our Risk Assessment Generator will be incredibly simple to use. Simply enter the details of the specific project then choose from a number of pre-designed boxes and statements adding the risks and the relevant control measures as you go along. You can even add your own site specific risks and controls which will be added to the list. Once completed it will produce a PDF formatted document with your Company Logo displayed. You can then select the option to move forward and create a Method Statement or Safe System of Work. We guarantee this will save you time and creating Site Documents will never be an onerous task ever again!

Interest Form

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  • Health and Safety Training
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Safe System of Work / Method Statement Generator

If you follow on from the Risk Assessment you will not need to complete the project details form. However, there is an option to complete this as a stand- alone document. Similar to the risk assessment process we are working to make this as simple as possible. The form will auto-generate most sections and as you progress and create more and more of these the actual work-steps will be saved and easy to merely select and add.

COSHH Assessment Generator

Creating an COSHH assessment from a Material Safety Data Sheet can be a daunting and time-consuming prospect. However, in our cloud system we are aiming to make it a simple and logical process. Selecting from pre-prepared statements and cutting and pasting in information from the MSDS will be a quick and smooth process. Once completed they can be stored for future use.

Equipment / Vehicle Register

This is probably the simplest process on our system. Firstly, you choose the equipment type, vehicle, electrical equipment or other plant and insert name (or ID) and insert the date it was calibrated or tested and the duration of that test. It will then generate a PDF Equipment Register. You can also upload any related certification relevant and it will then be colour coded according to the approaching date of re-test as all other areas.

Subcontractor Management

We are currently in the throes of developing this aspect of the cloud system. As its law to manage and assess any subcontractors, and can be extremely time-consuming, we have developed a very basic tool to allow you to input and manage all your sub-contractors online. Similar to the Training Management System you simply insert the companies details, upload their insurance including dates and any relevant competencies or certification, even any relevant SSIP accreditations and it will store and generate a PDF Sub-Contractor management file which can be used to support your own SSIP accreditation or any tender process. This will again be colour-coded and let you know, automatically when information is about to go out of date. It can hold as much date on your sub-contractors as you want.  We can also manage you subcontractors for you if require.

Accident Recording

This tool is a basic accident and incident recording system for your business. This will involve completing an online accident or incident form detailing what occurred all relevant required information. This will be subject to extra security in-line with GDPR and can then be assessed by OJ Safety Consultants if required and necessary advice given.

Being an O J Safety Retained Client and having the above cloud system will ensure that you are able to pro-actively manage your Health and safety quickly and easily, and from anywhere where you have internet access. And the best part about it is that it is completely free with any Retained Package.

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