Method Statements (Safe Systems of Work) 

Method statements are a written list of operations, to be carried out in a specified sequence, in

order to complete a work activity in a safe manner. In effect they take the results of the risk assessment and from it produce a written, safe system of work for carrying out the job. This is one requirement in Law for all companies employing 5 or more people.

Health and Safety Consultants

Method Statement Enquiry Form

Most method statements relate directly to the findings of the accompanying risk assessment for the same job so that operatives can read what hazards have been considered and how the risk of accidents have been overcome.

When an accident occurs, very often it is the case that either the risk assessment and safe system of work was not suitable or sufficient or that the employee was not working in line with its findings.

It is very important for any employers’ protection, that they are written accurately and they correctly capture how the task is completed. Again, OJ Safety can assist you with this process and can even write them for you. We have a vast wealth of experience in developing thorough and accurate Method Statements and Safe Systems of work in all industries from Factories, buildings sites and many other service industries.

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