Making Fire Safety A Priority

Everyone makes personal resolutions when it comes to the new year, but have you ever thought about workplace resolutions? This year you should make fire safety a priority this year!

Fire safety should be a priority for your businesses premise, if you commit to these four simple resolutions it could ensure your building, employees and visitors are safe at all times.

Number 1 – Fire Safety Equipment is Maintained

Fire extinguishers, alarms and other fire safety equipment is vital in keeping everyone safe from fires that could potentially start on your premises. Due to this all equipment should be subject to regular, checks, maintenance and servicing in order to make sure it is fully working in the event of a fire.

Maintenance and testing should be undertaken regularly by someone within your business (usually the fire marshal) and logged in the fire logbook. When it comes to servicing, this needs to be undertaken by a competent person like our engineers at OJ Health and Safety Solutions Ltd.

Whilst also checking and testing your equipment you should ensure that your fire signage is adequate, this can also be done within a fire risk assessment.

Number 2 – Ensuring Your Employees Know How To Use A Fire Extinguisher

Should a fire actually break out, how would your employees react? Most people understand the basic principles of a fire extinguisher, but how would they act in the event of a fire?

In the event of a fire people may panic. All it takes is for you and your employees to familiarise yourselves with the different extinguishers that you have in place and how to discharge them and what extinguishers to use in the event of different fires.

Number 3 – Protecting Your Fire Safety Equipment

Having fire safety equipment in place is all well and good but if they are likely to be damaged and vandalised if they are easily accessible, then you need to make sure they are protected.

Double checking locations to see if they are prone to damage of any kind, then things such as cabinets, boxes or jackets.

Number 4 – Declutter Your Workplace

Have you thought about cleaning your office? Decluttering can bring huge benefits on your premise when it comes to fire safety. Cleaning up clutter can help clear walkways, allow access to fire safety equipment and clear emergency exits if they were ever needed. It can also reduce the amount of fuel for fires.

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