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Health and Safety Consultants

OJ Health and Safety are experienced health and safety consultants providing a range of specialist technical and health and safety consultancy services to assist you to evaluate, monitor and manage the health and safety performance of your company, personnel or facility. Perfect for national and multi-national corporations and with experience working with off-shore and onshore projects

With clients in Leeds and surrounding areas, allow us to help you follow relevant regulations, policies and procedures as necessary.

We understand that health & safety can be a sometimes mundane and laborious process with business owners thinking it more of a hindrance or burden than a positive culture to bring to their business. We always use plain English, explain everything so that you understand and can implement with your workforce and help you to monitor progress going forward. This being due to the company not needing an advertising budget. Call us today for an informal chat and we can assist you in preparing a robust health & safety plan.

For all Leeds based enquiries, please phone or Ossett office on 0808 588 0737, or fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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