Why Use A Health and Safety Consultants

Managing health and safety and maintaining legal compliance can be a daunting prospect. Whether you are a small start-up or a well-established business, you need to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations and looking after your employees. Our health and safety consultants are here to help!

health and safety statistics 2018

According to the Health and Safety Executive, in the year 2019 – 2020, 38.8 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries. The annual cost of work-related injuries and ill-health to the UK industry is estimated to be £16.2 billion!

Managing health and safety just makes good business sense – both financially and legally. Therefore, it should be viewed as key business performance indicator, not as a regulatory compliance burden or a tick box exercise.

So why use a health and safety consultant?

  1. We are objective

Business owners can sometimes be too close to their business to identify gaps in health and safety policies and procedures – you need a fresh pair of eyes. Independent health and safety consultants can carry out a full audit of your workplace, and produce a structured action plan. Understanding where you may be falling short of compliance with relevant regulations is half the battle. Once you have this information, we can put plans in place to address and rectify the issues.

  1. We can save you time and money

With countless things competing for your time and attention, health and safety consultants can save you time, which you can use to focus on running your business. We can produce policies, carry out risk assessments, do staff training – whatever you need to ensure you comply with legislation, leaving you free to do what you do best. Good health and safety management means fewer accidents, reduced risk of fines, and lower insurance premiums. Often business owners do not appreciate the significant benefits such as reduced costs, reduced risks on the business, and increased productivity because employees are healthier, happier and better motivated.

  1. We have the knowledge

Your employees and managers may be experts in your industry, but may have never been responsible for health and safety before. Health and safety consultants can help you and your team to understand how health and safety law applies in your workplace, and give you practical support to implement this.  Training a member of your team in health and safety takes time and money, and their knowledge needs to remain current. Good health and safety consultants will have years of experience, as well as the necessary qualifications, and evidence of continuing professional development, in order to provide your business with support and advice.

  1. We are proactive

Waiting until something goes wrong can be a costly and often damaging decision. The HSE can visit at any time, and can issue enforcement notices, fines and even prosecute if there are breaches of health and safety law. Health and safety consultants can help you to develop a proactive action plan, identifying gaps ahead of time, rather than frantically trying to react to an accident or enforcement visit. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

  1. We can help you to establish a positive safety culture

Health and safety consultants can help you to establish a positive safety culture that benefits both you and your employees. We will work with you and your team, to ensure all policies and procedures are relevant and easy to understand. If your team feel that you are investing in their workplace well-being, they will stay with you, and you will save your business thousands of pounds on recruiting and retaining valuable employees. Health and safety consultants can provide the expertise you need to keep employees feeling safe, valued and motivated.

Why use OJ Health and Safety Consultants?

We will provide you with a professional, and most importantly, a personalised service. Our health and safety consultants, will consider your specific business requirements and tailor our service to meet your needs.  Health and safety management is not a one size fits all approach – and you will not receive an off the peg solution from us.

Our health and safety consultants will work with you, to deliver a usable health and safety management solution that works for your business.


OK, I’m interested what do I do next?

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