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With Health and Safety it can be easy sometimes to bury your head in the sand or to simply ignore the obvious until its too late, until a serious accident or incident occurs. Having an external Health and safety Audit gives you an accurate picture of where you are at that time in respect of all areas of health and safety law that your company engages with. It will shine a light on all the areas of good practice and all the areas where you perhaps could do better. It will also highlight any potential serious issues that you may have not seen. Measuring yourself against the requirements of the legislation and getting a true and accurate picture of where you are benefits you and your business in many ways.

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It gives you a clear pathway to improve, it shows you where the improvements are needed and how you can achieve those improvements. It also shows both your employees, and any external examining body, that you are honest enough with yourself as a business to be examined and have your short-coming made clear in order that you can improve. Continual improvement is a journey not a destination. Having a health and safety audit can be the road map to that development. Here at O J Health and Safety Solutions Limited we have the necessary knowledge, experience and qualifications to carry out a health and safety audit on your business, whatever the industry, whatever the circumstances. We will leave you with a clear, step by step action plan to improvement in plain language. We will also provide the help and support need to meet hose action points. Booking an audit couldn’t be any easier (its free to all new retained clients!) Just make an enquiry on the form to the left and we will contact you.

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