Asbestos Management Survey Barnsley

Asbestos Surveying

Are you based in Barnsley or surrounding areas and need an asbestos management survey to check if your company is at risk from the risks of asbestos? We at OJ Health and Safety offer Asbestos Management Surveys in Barnsley.

Asbestos Management Survey Barnsley

If your property was built before the year 2000 it could be at risk of Asbestos containing materials. Here at OJ Health and Safety Services one of our health and safety consultants could come and carry out an asbestos survey making it easy and cost effective for your company to manage.

The main purpose of the asbestos management survey is to identify the location, type, condition and extent of any ACM’s present. All survey’s should be in accordance with HSG264 which is guidance produced by the Health and Safety Executive:

OJ health & safety can provide the following:

Asbestos Management Survey – Type 2 previously. Its purpose of a asbestos management survey is to locate the presence, extent and condition of any ACM’s in the building.

Pre-Refurbishment Asbestos Survey – Previously a Type 3 survey. Prior to any refurbishment or redevelopment works being undertaken, a R&D survey must be completed.

Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey – This has also replaced the old Type 3 survey. Prior to demolition work being carried out, a refurbishment and demolition survey must be completed.

Asbestos Re-inspection Services – Once Asbestos containing material’s have been identified, it is the duty-holder of the premises responsibility to inspect these items (at least every 14 months) and develop a Asbestos Management Plan.

OJ Safety also have many contacts in the Asbestos Removal industry and can easily put you in contact with a licensed company. Click Here for a list of licensed contractors.

Please give our team a call now on 0808 588 0737 or email and we can get a quote sent to you for your Asbestos Management Survey Barnsley. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn by clicking on the links below.

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