Risk Assessments

All employers have a legal duty to prepare risk assessments for all work activities that could possibly result in injury to persons or damage to equipment. Completing a Risk Assessment to the standard required can be a daunting proposition for someone who has never received training.

Risk assessments outline the hazards associated with the tasks and the ways in which the job could result in injury or damage and the measures that should be in place to reduce the chance of anything going wrong in order to eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

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Employers with five or more employees must have written risk assessments, by law.

If there are less than five employees, the risk assessments must still be carried out although there is no legal duty to write them down.

OJ Health and Safety Solutions Limited can help you demystify the process and can complete Risk Assessments for you whether it be Manufacturing, Construction or a service industry. We have a vast wealth of knowledge in all these areas.

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