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Here at OJ Health and Safety Solutions Ltd we understand how hard it can be to get your staff together to undertake training. This is why we introduced our clients to our online health and safety training system which makes the time-consuming job of planning classroom training a problem of the past. By choosing online training, your work force can complete the training at a time and place convenient to them. Our cost-effective online health and safety courses enable you to demonstrate competence throughout your business without the loss of production plus the expense and stress of planning classroom courses.

Our one‐on‐one tutor led interactive online health and safety training goes at precisely the pace required by each individual. It provides an opportunity to go over the learning content as often as required so every employee gets the optimum learning experience that’ll be retained and applied to keep your business safe and compliant.

A basic understanding of health and safety is vital for all employees to ensure that they are able to spot risks and have the knowledge of how they can be managed effectively within the workplace. This is why we pride ourselves in offering such a wide range of online health and safety training courses, as we like to be able to support our clients with all aspects of health and safety.

Take a look at our online training courses, from just £20 + VAT you can ensure you have a competent workforce. You can also contact us on 01924 261789

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