Health and Safety Compliance Checker?

Take the 2 minute test to see if your business is compliant

During this test you'll cover the following areas:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Systems of Work
  • Building Safety Procedures
  • Induction and Training¬†
  • Auditing
  • Accident Recording and Investigation
  • Consultation with Staff
  • Access to Competent Advice
  • CDM (Construction Only)

If you have any questions or would like assistance with any safety matters you can contact us on 0800 634 9247 or email at

health and safety training

Take Your Test!


Congratulations your business is compliant in health and safety (subject to you not telling porky pies).

Unfortunately your business does not meet the requirements of Legislation in the United Kingdom. Need Help? Contact Us at OJ Health and Safety by email at or tel: 01924 261789.

#1. Health and Safety Policy, Does my Policy contain a Statement of Intent, Organisations and Arrangements for health and safety, is it reviewed annually and signed and dated by the responsible Director

#2. Risk Assessment, Do I have formally recorded Risk Assessments covering all my company activities and taking into account risks to employees and non-employees? Are these signed by all employees who engage with them?

#3. Safety System of Work, Have I got formally recorded Safe Systems of work which show staff how to safely complete all tasks required of them and by which they can be trained? (Also called Method Statements)

#4. Building Safety Procedures, If I have a building, have I got everything in place such as a current Fire Risk Assessment and Emergency Procedures, Asbestos Management Survey and NIC/EIC Electrical test certificate and PAT testing.

#5. Induction and Training, Do I have a formal written Company Induction for health and safety which is completed for all staff and do I ensure that sufficient training is provided to support my staff in their role. This may include Manual Handling, Working at Height, Asbestos Awareness and First Aid.

#6. Auditing, Am I auditing my sites or business regularly and measuring what actually happens as against what should happen?

#7. Accident recording/investigation, If things go wrong have we got the ability to properly investigate and put in measures to prevent any re-occurrence.

#8. Consultation with staff, Do I hold meetings with my staff where health and safety is discussed and their feed-back sought and recorded?

#9. Access to Competent Advice, Do I have a source of competent advice for all matters of health and safety either internally or via a third party such as O J Health and Safety Solutions Limited

#10. If I am a Construction Company am I CDM Compliant, Do I fulfil my specified role within CDM i.e Client, Principal Contractor, Contractor etc. Do I run my site correctly and complete all necessary paperwork?

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