Fire Safety Training

Fire Marshal Training

Our Fire Marshal Training is delivered in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and ensures that delegates are fully qualified to become a designated fire warden in their workplace. The course is an excellent accompaniment to our Fire Extinguisher practical training course and provides a more in-depth understanding of the different types of fire, how they are caused and how to prevent them.

- This course focuses on the following:
- Ensuring legal compliance
- Fire prevention techniques
- Stopping fires from spreading
- Extinguishing fires (portable extinguishers and fixed installations)
- Assessing risks and hazards
- Safe procedure to follow in the event of a fire
- Why fire drills are necessary
- Fire alarms, sprinklers and fire doors
- Different types of fire and their characteristics
- Fire extinguisher colour coding
- Inspections and recording (fire log)

This course is delivered over 3 hours and a certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Regulations in the UK make it clear that adequate fire safety training is a legal requirement. Moreover if you provide staff the facility to use extinguishers then you must provide extinguisher training too.

This fire safety awareness course is designed for small / medium sized businesses who will need to meet their legal obligations under the current legislation's.

This course not only gives excellent advice and tips for improving fire safety but also includes instruction on how to recognise and use the correct fire extinguisher.

- This half day course covers the following:
- Legal Requirements
- Chemistry of fire
- Fire action and procedures
- Classification of fire
- Types of fire extinguishers
- Safety instructions in the use of fire extinguishers
- Live fire training using various types of fire extinguishers

This course is delivered over 3 hours and a certificate will be awarded upon completion .
All of our instructors are either serving or ex-fire service personnel with years of experience and knowledge. 

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