Asbestos Surveys in Barnsley

An asbestos survey is one of the most important tasks to be undertaken before a building is demolished or renovated. Asbestos is classed as an extremely hazardous material.  This is because the tiny fibres are easily breathed into the lungs.  These sharp fibres penetrate the lung tissue and cause scarring.  The damage to the lungs is not seen immediately.  It can be many years before the symptoms become apparent.  This is the reason that buildings need an asbestos survey.  The survey is necessary for all commercial buildings erected or refurbished before 2000 as well as common domestic areas like stairwells and passages.  The use of asbestos was completely banned in 1999 because of the dangers it is causing harm to those who are working near asbestos fibres.

Whenever renovations or building modification take place, asbestos surveys are legally required to be completed before work commences.  This allows the owner or manager of the building to supply the contractor with the report showing exact areas where asbestos can be found.  Our qualified and professional asbestos consultants will survey the building and take samples to be analysed for traces of asbestos. You will receive a comprehensive report on the findings. The report needs to be kept on the premises at all times.  This informs everyone where the asbestos material is and what type of asbestos it is. A management plan should also be drawn up to state the steps to be taken in event of asbestos being discovered on the premises.

Our asbestos survey will advise you on the best possible method of containing the asbestos in your building. This can only be done by specialists in the field. Contact OJ Health and Safety Solutions Ltd for a competitive quote to undertake any asbestos survey in Barnsley or surrounding areas.

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