Asbestos Surveys Bradford

Asbestos remaining in Bradford business premises doesn't just risk the health of employees and customers. It can lead to building closure, a fine of up to £20,000, director disqualification, and even criminal proceedings.

You are required by law to have asbestos surveys carried out on any commercial or industrial building built before 2000. OJ Health and Safety offer a comprehensive service in Bradford, providing asbestos surveys with prices starting at just £200.

OJ Health and Safety is a thriving and expanding Yorkshire-based specialist firm, committed to the minimisation of safety issues in the workplace and reduction of penalties for violations. We offer a wide and growing range of training and surveying services - including first aid training, noise assessments, and asbestos surveys.

We work with clients of a range of sizes - from small teams all the way to national organisations - focusing on an important part of their operations for their peace-of-mind.

Our chartered professionals will tell you the precise condition of your Bradford building, make informed recommendations and avoid any future compliance issues. Each one is highly-qualified and trained to regulation levels. During asbestos surveys, our technicians clearly identify materials that might contain asbestos or could be mistaken for it.

Our expertise reaches wider than simple asbestos surveys. We offer asbestos management, refurbishment and demolition surveys - and advice on how you can appropriately control, manage or remove it.

Prices is dependent on the size and age of a building. Overall, we always offer as low a price as possible - offering our valued clients the very best value-for-money and avoiding heavy penalisation.

For asbestos surveys of the highest quality, you need the services of OJ Health and Safety, leading safety partners since 2007. Get a quote by calling 01924 261 789, or complete the form below and we will get back to you.

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